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Metal production


STARPOL II Ltd. is a producer of high quality metal components. For many years we have been

flexibly adapting to changing needs of our clients. Company Starpol represents a modern, still developing machine park that is supervised by integrated quality management system. It covers the area of 3500 mof production hall. STARPOL II Ltd. represents also the creative people who motivate each other.

All services, technological processes and designed products are produced with special attention to safety and functionality. We own prototype department where experienced engineers work on products using

modern methods of production. Owing to our modern machine park and continuous control on every step, all our products and services are fully repeatable from the first piece and consistent with assumptions.

Our rich experience in metal handling allows us to meet increasing requirements of our customers and to prepare the best products for them.

 Years of experience in steel processing helps us meet the constantly growing requirements of our customers and prepare the best product. Certificates: DIN EN ISO 9001: 2008; DIN EN ISO 14001: 2009; DIN EN 15085-2; PN-EN ISO 3834-2: 2007

Operations we manage:

Cutting and sawing

Laser cutting Machining

CNC and conventional milling

Surface grinding

CNC and conventional turning

Plastic processing

Bending and folding sheets

Welding of steel and stainless steel

Spot welding

Projection welding Capacitor- discharge welding

Electrolytic machining

Heat treatment of large elements after welding in a chamber with dimensions of 1700x2000x1250.


 MAZAK 510 HYPER POWER LASER with max. 4kW power. The size of work piece sheets of 3000 x 1500 mm. 

Repetition accuracy +/- 0.02 mm. Thickness of black steel up to 15 mm.

Thickness of stainless steel (N2) up to 12 mm. Top quality cut of any shapes.

Bystronic BySprint 3015 laser

High speed Bystronic BySpring 3015 FIBER laser with 2 kW power.

Thickness of the metal sheet for cutting according to material kind:


DC01:                                                     0.8 mm - 3 mm

DD11:                                                    4 mm   - 12 mm

DX51D Hot-dip galvanized steel:      0,8 mm - 3 mm

DC01+ZE Galvanized steel:                 0.8 mm - 3 mm

X5CrNi18-10 Chrome steel:               0.8 mm - 6 mm

EN-AW5754 Aluminum:                      0.8 mm - 8 mm

Copper OF-Cu:                                        0.8 mm - 3 mm

Brass CuZn37:                                       0.8 mm - 4 mm


 CNC AVIAturn 50M turning machine with driven tools. Max. turning length – 700 mm,

max. rod diameter – 80 mm. Feed rate for X/Z axis – 340/850 mm. Sample products:

hubs, turned shafts with milled channels

HAAS ST-30Y turning machine. Working area: X/Z -318/584mm

 HAAS turning


GEO FISHER numeric milling machine with working table 1200x600x680mm. 

Multifunctional treatment such as molds, matrices,

housing, machine parts, frames and tooling.

KIMLA BPF 2030 5D Gantry milling plotter. Machining  of plastic and wood or aluminum casting models, stamping dies, checking tools, etc. 

Scanning of elements. Working area of 2500x3000 mm.

 Agie Charmiles CUT 20P and Drill 20 for precise cutting and drilling.

 Agie Charmiles precise cutting


 Numeric Trumpf TruBend 3120 press with 130T pressure and CONE900 with 22T pressure.

Max. length of bent element up to 3000 mm.

  • Welding of different kinds of steel for any shape. TIG/MIG and MAG technology.

Spot welding with ZPm-40 pneumatic point resistance welding machine

Its maximum welding thickness described below:

• low-carbon steel, heat class A (I)            - 1,0+1,0

• low-carbon steel, heat class B (II)           - 3,0+3,0

• low-carbon alloy steel                               - 0,7+0,7

• cross rods with the plunging z=30%          - fi6+fi6 

pneumatic point welder


PEI PFP 281 Resistance point welder. The welding takes place without additional material, due to solidification

melt native material as a result of warming it up with current passing through

welded elements (Joule phenomenon). The welded elements are placed between two

electrodes with dual function - electric energy relays and source

adequate force to obtain a weld.

 resistant point welder


Cutting on band saws and guillotine shears.

Punching, pressing on classic eccentric, hydraulic and AMADA SDE 2025 servo-electric press  up to 200t pressure.

Annealing of large components after welding in a chamber of 1700 x 2000 x 1250 at temperatures up to 950 ° C.

Production of different tools for production support.

Welding tool preparing.

The co-operation network allows the use of complementary technologies, such as hot dip galvanizing, galvanizing, KTL and powder coating or others.

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